Explaining the Price of Adjustable Standing Desks

grey laptop on birch desk

In this blog, we're tackling a question many customers ask: why are adjustable standing desks so pricey? While there are various factors, the simple answer lies in the materials and size of these desks. In Australia, where there's a wide range of desk options, a decent adjustable standing desk might cost between $700 and $1100. Let's dig deeper to understand what makes up these desks, what parts contribute the most to the cost, and what differences they bring.


Building a Standing Desk

The first cost of an adjustable standing desk is its build. These desks consist of two main parts: the frame and the desk top. Different brands use different types of metal for the frame, affecting its cost and strength. Light frames are cost-effective but might lack stability at higher heights. Denser, stronger metal is pricier but ensures stability, especially important for height-adjustable desks. Our Deskbird frames weigh around 30kg, providing both strength and durability. The second part is the motors, essential for smooth height adjustment.


Motors: Types and Costs

There are three main mechanisms for adjusting standing desks: manual, single motor, and dual motor. Manuals are affordable but less practical. Single motors cost more but have weight limits. Dual motors are the best due to their strength and stability. At Deskbird Australia, we use dual motors for long-term value. Good tip: check the maximum weight load to gauge frame and motor strength.


Desk Tops: Materials and Features

Desk tops are made of various materials like chipboard, MDF, bamboo, and plywood. Deskbird AU prefers MDF and plywood for quality and cost. Features vary among brands; our tops include cable grommets, safety edges, and USB ports. We offer add-ons like wireless chargers. The best top depends on your needs, as different brands offer different features. Stay tuned for more options like bamboo desk tops.


Shipping Costs

Shipping is a significant cost for heavy standing desks. Due to weight, they require two-person delivery for safety. We offer free shipping at Deskbird AU, but shipping costs around $140 on average. Consider your needs when choosing a desk. Contact us for questions or comments. We hope this blog provides insights into adjustable standing desks in Australia!