Beyond Adjustable Standing Desks

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Today, we embark on a candid conversation about the significance and merits of cultivating an active work environment. Rather than sticking to a predefined subject, consider this a friendly discourse on our frustrations, observations in workplaces, and our resolute drive to bring about change in Australia.

Redefining "Active" in Workplaces

When we champion active workplaces, it's not just about advocating for adjustable standing desks. By "active," we mean creating a work setting that encourages not just rigorous work, but also a liberated and dynamic body. Movement is at the core of our philosophy at Deskbird Australia. It's a belief you might discern from our range of adjustable standing desks. But we're sure you share this belief too. Our bodies instinctively communicate the importance of movement. Consider the enjoyable stretch after a long couch session or a leisurely walk on the beach. These instances underscore that humans are inherently designed for movement, not perpetual chair-bound confinement or incessant screen fixation. Even if you've embraced an adjustable standing desk, remember that consistent movement throughout the day is essential for reaping its full benefits. Whether it's dedicating a few minutes to stretches or indulging in a brief walk, fostering bodily motion and circulation contributes profoundly to both physical and mental wellness.


Observations and Concerns

As time has unfurled, we've observed a growing trend of people hunched over their desks, escalating obesity rates, and longer work hours. This phenomenon is, to some extent, a byproduct of rapid technological advancement. With the impending arrival of self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, and automated technologies, this scenario might exacerbate. This trajectory leads to substantial health challenges in the long run, and often these problems manifest sooner than anticipated. We speak from experience because we have felt the same impact. The advent of smartphones alone has inadvertently led to widespread hunching over screens for hours on end. While adjustable standing desks and standing desks at large offer a viable solution, they, too, have their limitations. So, the question looms – what's the comprehensive solution for fostering an active work environment? Is it merely about introducing more standing desks? While it's not a definitive answer we have yet, we're certainly on the path to discovering it.


Mission and Expansion

The genesis of our company was rooted in tackling issues like back pain, non-adjustable desks, and extended work hours. This impetus prompted us to expand into Australia, with a fervent focus on providing standing desks to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and beyond. Our ambition was to metamorphose conventional workplaces into dynamic ones and to bring about substantial change. Ergonomics, in our perspective, encapsulates much more than just standing desks or chic office chairs. It encompasses the recognition that the human body and brain thrive on movement, and the adaptability of adjustable standing desks only scratches the surface.


Standing Desks: The Vanguard of Ergonomics

Standing desks serve as the starting point in our pursuit of ergonomic excellence. However, this journey is a comprehensive one. There's an array of ergonomic products in the pipeline, extending beyond just standing desks. Yet, why did we commence with promoting standing desks, you might wonder? The answer is simple – time. Amid our bustling schedules, two activities dominate our days: sleep and work. An average of 7 to 8 hours is allocated to each of these activities. These collective 16 hours account for a significant portion of our day. This brings us to the realization that prioritizing our work environment is paramount. With more than a third of our day spent working, over 30 years, this accumulates to an extensive duration spent at our desks. If poor posture becomes a constant, envision the toll it might take on your back over three decades. This stark realization was our driving force behind crafting standing desks. We strive to reshape work dynamics and craft an active workplace. Adjustable standing desks are merely the prologue, and if you've already embraced this innovation, you're already a step ahead.


In this unscripted contemplation, we've traversed a spectrum of thoughts. The essence of an active work environment goes beyond the realm of desks. It's a philosophy that rests on motion, on allowing our bodies to thrive as they are meant to. While standing desks play an integral role, the future promises even more. If you're intrigued or have queries, we're here to engage. Keep in mind, Australia, that a vibrant work life can be achieved through dynamic choices and conscious efforts.

Adjustable standing desk: How this came about and an active workplace.
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